Human and organizational development
Project duration: First phase from December 2017, Second phase from May 2018, Third phase from Oct 2018

Developing a training book for ETIC. social entrepreneur training coordinators

For more than 20 years, NPO ETIC. has been a leader in training and producing social entrepreneurs in Japan. This project aims to translate and organize the lessons learned and the experience of ETIC.’s flagship incubation program for social entrepreneurs.

ETIC. has been supporting the development of individuals and organizations. It supports entrepreneurs from the start of a business, to becoming a leader in the organization, and to providing solutions to social issues they work on. However, core knowledge and experiences for entrepreneur incubation has been limited among the senior members of the organizations, and transferring the know-how to the new members has been a challenge.

For this reason, the project was implemented to bring out the knowledge accumulated between the senior members. It also aimed to visualize this knowledge and make it useable within the organization, and to outside organizations that need it.

Our Role

GEMSTONE developed a training book for capacity development with senior and junior members of ETIC. Through discussion and dialogue, we pulled out the key necessary knowledge by untangling, breaking and reorganizing their experience and knowledge.

The training book contains information on the philosophy, attitude, knowledge and approaches effective for an ETIC. coordinator to accelerate social entrepreneur incubation. We maximized the learning by excavating case studies carefully and conceptualizing the lessons from the case study into the integrated flow of the book.

The manual is currently being used internally by ETIC. members as well as for trainings for ETIC.’s external partners.