Creating social impact businesses

for a brighter world

GEMSTONE is a group of professionals supporting the creation of projects for social change. We seek to bring out the maximum potential of the top values for individuals and organizations. We believe in the power to maximize both passion/values and professional expertise. We work with various partners including corporations, non-profits, development agencies, governments and individuals, in Japan and emerging countries.

About Us


Co-creating businesses and organizations for better society and the world
  • 1 Support developing businesses in emerging countries
  • 2Create and implement social impact businesses
  • 3Accelerate individual and organizational development through coaching and workshop facilitation

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GEMSTONE is a group of professionals who share personal visions leading towards a brighter world, based on deep empathy.
Hideki Fukamachi

Message from the Founder

  • What is your personal vision that you pursue and realize through your life? GEMSTONE is a group of professionals who share personal visions leading towards a brighter world, based on deep empathy.
  • While I was born in Japan, Pakistan was the starting point of my life. Bouncing along dirt roads with my family, we visited many villages, and met everyone from a regional king to poor children without legs living on the streets. Overall, I liked living in a foreign culture and interacting with local people. But I wondered where the huge difference between rich and poor came from. At the same time, my father seemed to struggle with his relationship with his organization. His struggle was passed onto the family and has influenced my personality as well. These moments of wonder and pain became the seeds of my lifetime goal to empower people to live their lives to their fullest and creating sustainable businesses/projects to mitigate poverty, and I have been developing myself accordingly.
  • At university, I studied international development with a focus on Asia, and interned at an educational NGO in Phnom Penh. When I saw how this NGO spent more time on fundraising than serving their constituents, I began thinking that a self-sustaining, social-entrepreneurial approach could create more impact effectively.
  • I then joined Yanmar Co. Ltd., a leading agricultural machinery manufacturer, where I gained great experience in business development and implementation, and operations management in a foreign country. I developed a business plan to enter the North American tractor market, executed the start-up of the tractor business, and reformed and managed production control in our US factory, and l led corporate strategy and M&A projects.
  • In 2010, I started making the transition towards my personal vision. I first joined JETRO Institute of Developing Economies Advanced School where I studied International Development. At the MBA program at the University of Oxford, I studied business management with colleagues from 51 countries. I focused especially on studying social entrepreneurship and built work experiences through actual projects such as a business development consulting project with an Indonesian NPO.
    After returning to Japan, I co-founded ORINUS PARTNERS, Ltd., in 2015 with a mission to develop businesses which provide solutions to social issues in developing countries. And, in 2017, I changed the company to the current organization, GEMSTONE, to focus more on the core values that I wanted to pursue. I changed the management structure, people to work with, and approach to create social impact. At GEMSTONE, empathy, empowerment, excitement, personal vision and wholeness stands as core values. Then, we use logic, strategy and planning to realize this vision.
  • I wish to live in a world with businesses and projects that are filled with an individual’s passion. This will result in a lively and joyous world which will help solve social issues. In order to realize this dream, we work in teams supplementing each other’s experiences and skills, giving each other courage and energy, and sharing joy and struggle with each other. Things that cannot be achieved or not enjoyed alone can be done with joy when you work together in a great team. On the other hand, it is difficult for me to tolerate a complete denial of an individual’s passion with over thinking, fear and an established system.
  • We create businesses and projects that passion shines around the world, such as ongoing projects like a library creation and promotion project in Myanmar, and social venture co-creation program in Indonesia. All of these businesses are the crystallization of the passion of the individuals involved in the project. Our journey will only get more exciting. We look forward to meeting and working with those who wish to paint an exciting future together.
  • April 1st, 2019



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